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Matching Grant Program

Benefits Of a Matching Program: Dozens of MLS students benefit each year from tuition contributions made by their home congregations. In fact, direct support from congregations provided over $150,000 in tuition payments for students attending MLS in the 2017-18 school year. Recognizing just how important congregational support is for our student body, MLS is continuing the matching grant program for the 2018-19 school year, that will provide up to $500 for every student receiving designated support from a contributing congregation. Rules for Participation: MLS will match 25% of congregational support to the MLS Student Financial Aid Fund, in support of a specific student or students. Maximum matching will be $500 per student.

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MLS Booster Club

Founded in 1955, the MLS Booster Club exists to pray for the MLS family and ministry, promote the program and mission of MLS, help at school functions, give graduation grants for future pastors and teachers, underwrite non-budgeted items for the school, provide volunteer labor for special projects, and support international and cross-cultural programs.

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