MLS Food Service

Welcome to the MLS Dining Hall! As a staff we strive to provide all of our students, faculty and staff with tasty, nutritious meals and snacks. Whether it is educating students on varied sources of lean protein, or changing recipes to eliminate common allergens, we are available to guide students through our daily menu offerings to help them select items that will allow them to achieve their maximum potential on the athletic field and in the classroom.

As the school year has commenced, we have begun a series of aggressive changes to improve the overall quality of the dining experience at MLS. One of the most important differences has been a focus on utilizing better ingredients to achieve an improved final product. To help accomplish this, we have reached out to various local businesses and farmers to bring in fresh produce, meats, and bakery items. Other improvements have been achieved through menu innovation, while other goals have been met through some systemic changes and training.

The past decade has brought about an increase in food sensitivities and allergies across our nation and world. To ensure the safety of our students and staff with dietary concerns, we are actively researching and replacing items on our menu that have common allergens. In cases where a substitution is not practical, we will provide an alternate, comparable item such as lactose-free milk, nut-free desserts, gluten-free breads and pasta. In addition to having worked as a dietary assistant in a hospital, our Dining Hall manager, Mr. Rob Devore has recently become ServSafe Allergen Certified. If anyone has any medically-based dietary concerns, please bring them to his attention as soon as possible.

Despite nearly 20 years of experience in the food service industry in restaurant and institutional settings, Mr. Devore is always looking to continue to learn and grow his culinary knowledge. If you have any menu ideas, suggestions, or even recipes from home that you would like us to try, please let us know.


For the 2018-2019 school year, we have reviewed and adjusted our meal pricing to reflect our cost to produce high quality meals. As a result, the cost for all meals is the flat rate of $4.00.

Parents can log into their Infinite Campus parent portals and navigate to the Payments Tab to see current balances and make online payments for student meals using either a credit card or an e-check.

A mobile device may be used to see your balance via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal App; however, you cannot make a payment through the App - you will only be able to make online payments through the Parent Portal using a browser. We hope that the convenience of being able to make payments online (and even set up recurring payments) will help you to keep current on your Food Service account balances.

If your balance does not show up on your App or the Food Service tab is shaded out, try refreshing the page with the refresh button (two arrows curving in a circle at the top left) so that it reloads the page with any new settings and information.

Alerts can be activated so you will be notified when a meal balance reaches a certain level by navigating to the Notifications Settings tab in the portal and checking the box for "low lunch balance" notifications.  After setting the amount at the level you want to be notified, you will then receive an alert when the balance falls to that level. You will need to do the same in your mobile device on the Campus Portal App if you want notifications on your mobile device as well.