How items are classified

  • Events – games, plays, concert choir dates, etc., at which the public is welcomed or information – academic calendar, vacations, volunteer events – useful for the MLS family. All events are displayed on this main calendar and each of their respective pages. Example: JV Volleyball matches can be seen on this main calendar, along with every other sporting event happening at MLS. Or only JV Volleyball matches may be viewed on the JV Volleyball page. 
  • Activities – items that affect the immediate MLS family – students, faculty, and student families. Items include sports practices, play practice, etc. Activities are only listed on their respective pages. Example: JV Volleyball practice times are only found on the JV Volleyball page, along with the JV Volleyball matches.

Adding MLS calendars to a personal device

One can save time visiting the MLS website by adding MLS calendars to a personal device, primarily a smart phone or tablet. Once an MLS calendar is added to one’s personal calendar device, all items listed, or eventually listed, on that MLS calendar will update on the personal calendar.

To add an MLS calendar to one’s personal  device, please view this pdf “Adding An MLS Calendar” for directions on adding MLS calendars to various devices. 

Also, to add other MLS calendars to a personal device, look for the “Google Calendar” icon underneath any calendar on the website to download that calendar’s iCal (.ics) file. 



 Academic Event Calendars

Boys’ Athletics Event Calendars

 Girls’ Athletics Event Calendars

 Music & Drama Event Calendars