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A student’s transcript is the permanent record of his or her semester grades in each course taken at MLS.

Alumni may request either an official transcript or an unofficial student copy.

Official Transcript: Printed on official stationery that includes a profile of our school and its program.  It will be signed, dated, and embossed with the school’s official seal. An official transcript will be sent only to a third party such as a college or university, a scholarship agency, or an employer.

Unofficial Transcript (Student Copy): Printed on plain paper. It will not be signed or embossed, and it is stamped with the words “Unofficial Student Copy” in the center of the transcript. The school will send an unofficial copy to the student.

To request a copy of a transcript, one must do so in writing. Click the link below to download the request form. Requests must include a signature and the address for mailing the transcript.  One may submit a completed form by mail, fax, or e-mail.

One must also submit the required fee for each transcript requested (currently $5.00).  This fee applies to both official and unofficial transcripts.  A transcript will not be mailed until the school receives the fee.  The fee does not apply to students currently attending MLS.

Click Here: Transcript Form