Full School Calendar
  • Dean of Students:
    Dean David Koehler

    (989) 793-1010 ext. 242

    Dean of Girls:
    Mrs. Melissa LaBair

    (989) 793-1010 ext. 249

    Inter-Dorm Office (IDO)

  • After School Schedule

    Students follow a similar schedule as the one listed below. Schedules vary depending on the activities the student is involved in. Students have free time in between study halls and after school.

    Depending on the grade level, freshmen – juniors have several study hall options to choose each day. Each student is responsible for scheduling their study halls each day on the computer by 12:45pm. Practices and rehearsals are scheduled throughout the evening and students must schedule study halls around these events. At the most students will have two study halls per day unless they are making a study hall up.

    Study Hall

    1st Study Hall is from 3:15-4-15

    2nd Study Hall is from 4:20-5:20

    3rd Study Hall is from 6:30-7:30

    4th Study hall is from 7:35-8:35

    5th Study hall is from 8:40-9:40


    Supper 4:30-6:30PM


    Evening chapel is from 9:45-10:00 Monday-Thursday

    Bed Times:

    Underclassmen (9-10)

    In the dormitory by 10:00PM

    In bed, lights out by 10:15PM


    Upperclassmen (11-12)

    In the dormitory by 11:00PM

    In bed, lights out by 11:15PM

    Weekend bed times (Upper & Lowerclassmen)

    On campus by 11:00PM

    In the dorm by 11:30PM

    In bed by midnight