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  • Student Accounts Clerk:
    Ms. Denys Eurich

    (989) 793-1010 ext. 264
    Email: dee@mlsem.org

    2777 Hardin Street
    Saginaw, Michigan, 48602

  • Tuition & Fees

    2017-2018 Tuition, Room & Board

         1st Student       Additional Student(s)
    Tuition $6,635 $5,970
    Room $1,320 $1,320
    Board $2,865 $2,865
    Totals  1st Student Additional Student(s)
    Dorm Student $10,820 $10,155
    Commuting Student $6,635 $5,970
    • The MLS Governing Board annually sets tuition, room, board and other fees. A portion of the board fee is used to defray the cost of capital improvements.
    • Incidental fees are various fees for special activities.  These fees are charged to a student’s account at the time of incurring the debt and are payable by the end of the next billing period.
    • MLS assumes students are covered by medical insurance through their family.  Parents without medical insurance must submit a letter accepting financial responsibility for medical treatment while their child is at MLS.


    MLS asks that families pay at least 10 percent of the year’s tuition, room, board and fees at registration.  On the 25th day of each month, September through May, an additional 10 percent of tuition, room, and board fall due.  Interest is charged on overdue accounts.  There is a 3 percent discount for tuition, room, and board if paid in full at registration.  The discount is 2 percent if paid in full prior to each semester.   Incidental fees will vary from student to student and are to be paid as they are incurred.

    Delinquent Accounts

    MLS expects parents experiencing financial difficulties to contact the MLS business office immediately to discuss special arrangements.  Failure to keep payments current may jeopardize a student’s continued enrollment at MLS.

    It is the policy of the WELS Board for Ministerial Education that all accounts must be up-to-date before a student may be allowed to begin another semester at MLS or at another synod school.   No transcript of credits may be sent and no diploma may be released to another school unless and until a student’s account is paid in full.

    International Students (Outside of North America)

    MLS’ International tuition, room, board, and incidental fees are set annually by the governing board. All changes are subject to revision as economic conditions warrant. There is financial aid available for students whose families have financial need.

    2017-2018 International Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees

         1st Student       Additional Student(s)
    Tuition $10,135 $9,470
    Room $1,390 $1,390
    Board $2,865 $2,865
    Total Base Cost $14,390 $13,725
    Coordination Fee $ 1,500 $ 1,500
      $15,890 $15,225

    International students can get information from the MLS contact person in their home countries. They may also contact Prof. Joanne Kohler, jrk@mlsem.org, for more information about MLS.

    Korean Students

    German Students

    Canadian Students

    Latin American Students

    Students from any country not shown may contact Prof. Joanne Kohler at MLS.