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Financial Aid

Each student at MLS automatically receives financial aid in the sense that the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) subsidizes a large portion of the cost of education. Parents and the WELS share the cost of attending Michigan Lutheran Seminary. The synod bears a portion of the cost since MLS exists to encourage young people to enter the full-time preaching and teaching ministry.

For the 2017-18 school year, the approximate cost breakdown is as follows:

Total Cost of Education


WELS subsidy & other gifts ($6,000)
Actual Tuition Charge to Families $6,635
Room & Board (if applicable) $4,185

Total Costs to Families (Dorm)

Total Costs to Families (Commuting) $6,635

In addition to the support provided by WELS and other donors, MLS also offers discounts for families with multiple students attending either MLS or MLC, and makes annual financial aid distributions from the MLS Student Aid Fund.

Application Information

If you believe that your resources are not sufficient to meet the total costs of an MLS education, you are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Financial aid is available on the basis of demonstrated need.

TADS, a financial aid and tuition management service, provides a framework through which household need can be measured fairly and equitably. Data reporting provided by TADS will be used by the MLS Financial Aid Committee in accordance with its policies to determine the award amount. Final awards notices will be distributed by the committee not later than early June.

Applications for financial aid may be completed online at http://www.mytads.com/ or you can request paper copies from TADS that should, once completed, be mailed directly to TADS.  To file a 2017-2018 financial aid application, you will be asked to enter an access code to begin the process. The access codes are sent out by MLS via email. If you haven’t received an email, please contact MLS during regular business hours.

Financial_Aid_Calculator1Click here to apply at http://www.tads.com Click here to apply at http://www.tads.com

Supporting Documentation

Some or all of the following supporting documentation must be submitted to TADS via the upload a document feature, mail or fax prior to the application due date of April 30, 2017:

  • Student essay (required for ALL applications) Print form here.
  • Household members’ most recently completed federal tax forms (personal and businesses owned)
  • W-2?s from each job held by household members
  • Most recent pay stub from each job held by household members
  • Documents that establish the amount of miscellaneous monthly or yearly income you currently receive (i.e., welfare, food stamps, unemployment, worker’s compensation, etc.,)
  • All corporate, partnership, and trust forms if a household member owns 20% or more interest in a corporation, partnership or trust
  • Other documents, as communicated during the application process

Aid applications initiated after the April 30 deadline should be completed, and supporting documents submitted, as promptly as possible, so that the application can be considered in the order that it was received.

During the application process, TADS will notify you of the documents you will need to provide. TADS will also follow up with reminders if documents are missing. It is important to note that your application is not complete, nor can it be evaluated, until all information and supporting documents have been received by TADS. You will receive positive notification once your application is considered complete.

Need Assistance with your Application?

You may contact TADS for assistance completing the application or to check application status. TADS does not have award information.

Online Chat:
E-mail: help@tads.com
Mailing Address: 1201 Hawthorne Ave., Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Telephone: 800.884.8237 (M-F, 8-8 Central)
Fax Number: 612.548.3326 (24 hours)

Remember These Important Items and Dates:

Application available

Applications will be available beginning: 12:00 p.m., March 15, 2017
Online http://www.mytads.com/ or contact TADS or MLS

Application deadline

In order to be considered for initial awards, financial aid applications are due by: April 30, 2017.
All materials must be submitted to TADS (see address above).

Award notices mailed

Award notices for applications submitted by the April 30 deadline will be distributed not later than early June. Applications received after April 30 will be processed and awarded on an ongoing basis, after initial awards are determined.

Financial Aid Workshops

Due to the wide geographical distribution of the MLS families, there are no financial aid workshops currently planned. If you need assistance in completing your application, please contact the experts at TADS, or feel free to contact MLS’ Financial Aid Coordinator, Denys Eurich, at (989)793.1010, extension 264.